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A journal dedicated to conservation and wildlife management in the Pacific region.

Table of Contents of Volume 20
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  Volume 20 Number 1

  Paying the reviewer debt. Mike Calver. 2
  Compromising for conservation: a protocol for developing sustainable conservation plans in biologically rich and moetarily impoverished communities. Mochamad Indrawan, Stepehn T. Garnett, Yunus Masala and Roland Wirth. 3
  Twenty years of seagrass networking and advancing seagrass science: The International Seagrass Biology Workshop Series. Rob Coles, Fred Short, Miguel Fortes and John Kuo. 8
  How to write a paper for successful publication in an international peer-reviewed journal. Gunther Tress, Bärbel Tress and Denis A. Saunders. 17
  Reptile euthanasia - no easy solution? Kristin Warren. 25
  Euthanizing wildlife: experiences and coping strategies among people who conduct euthanasia. Erich von Dietze and Dianne Gardner. 28
  No evidence for Galapagos Plasmodium lineage arriving in Humboldt Current seabirds. Iris I. Levin, Michael J. Adkesson, Maranda Evans, Cindee K. Rettke and Patricia G. Parker. 37
  Hybridization between the Mallard and native dabbling ducks: causes, consequences and management. P.-J. Guay, A. Taysom, R. Robinson and J. P. Tracey. 41
  "Hunting porcupines": citizen scientists contribute new knowledge about rare coral reef species. Andrew Chin. 48
  Huw much land is needed for feral pig hunting in Hawai'i? Steven C. Hess and James D. Jacobi. 54
  Guidelines for ecological burning regimes in Mediterranean ecosystems: a case study in Banksia woodlands in Western Australia. Barbara A. Wilson, Janine Kuehs, Leonie E. Valentine, Tracy Sonneman and Kristen M. Wolfe. 57
  Indicators of coral reef ecosystem recovery following reduction in logging and implementation of community-based management schemes in the Solomon Islands. S. Albert, A. Grinham, B. Gibbes, I. Tibbetts and J. Udy. 75
  Major histocompatibility I gene diversity in the critically endangered Laysan duck (Anas laysanensis). Philip Lavretsky, Andrew Engilis, Jr. and Jeffrey L. Peters. 86
  Preliminary re-survey of the land snail fauna of Rotuma: conservation and biosecurity implications. Gilianne Brodie, Gary M. Barker, Froseann Stevens and Monifa Fiu. 94
  Are wild rodents attracted to lure laboratory rats? A. C. Gsell, M. N. H. Seabrook-Davison and D. H. Brunton. 108
  Collation and review of sightings and distribution of three coastal dolphn species in waters of the Northern Territory, Australia. Carol Palmer, Guido J. Parra, Tracey Rogers and John Woinarski. 116
  Discovery of Australia's Fishes: A History of Australian Ichthyology to 1930. Graham R. Fulton. 126
  Queensland's Threatened Animals. Eridani Mulder. 127
  The Housing Bomb, Why our Addiction to Houses is Deestroying the Environment and Threatening our Society. Martin Brueckner. 128
  Science Under Siege: Zoology under Threat. Graham R. Fulton. 130
  Volume 20 Number 2

  Conservation lessons from the Pacific Islands. Richard T. Kingsford and Stacy D. Jupiter. 134
  Isolated and vulnerable: the history and future of Pacific Island terrestrial biodiversity. Gunnar Keppel, Clare Morrison, Jean-Yves Meyer and Hans Juergen Boehmer. 136
  Critical issues and new challenges for research and management of invasive plants in the Pacific Islands. Jean-Yves Meyer. 146
  Locally-managed marine areas: multiple objectives and diverse strategies. Stacy D. Jupiter, Philippa J. Cohen, Rebecca Weeks, Alifereti Tawake and Hugh Govan. 165
  Agrodeforestation and the loss of agrobiodiversity in teh Pacific Islands: a call for conservation. Randolph Thaman. 180
  Principles for integrated island management in the tropical Pacific. Stacy D. Jupiter, Aaron P. Jenkins, Warren J. Lee Long, Sean L. Maxwell, Tim J. B. Carruthers, Kate B. Hodge, Hugh Govan, Jerker Tamelander and James E. M. Watson. 193
  Conservation of biodiversity in the Pacific islands of Oceania: Challenges and opportunities. Stacy Jupiter, Sangeeta Mangubhai and Richard T. Kingsford. 206
  Conservation and the Holy Grail: the story of the Night Parrot. Graham H. Pyke and Paul R. Ehrlich. 221
  Volume 20 Number 3

  They're writing a Nature paper! Mike Calver. 228
  1080-baits for fox control: is everything all that it seems? Laurie E. Twiggs. 230
  Divergent responses to long-term grazing exclusion among three plant communities in a flooded pulsing wetland in eastern Australia. Peter J. Berney, G. Glenn Wilson, Darren S. Ryder, R. D. B. (Wal) Whalley, John Duggin and Robert O. McCosker. 237
  Impacts of aquatic invasive species and land use on stream food webs in Kaua'i, Hawai'i. Megan Layhee, Michael P. Marchetti, Sudeep Chandra, Tag Engstrom and Daniel Pickard. 252
  Human impacts and saltmarsh loss in the Circular Head coast, north-west Tasmania, 1952-2006: implications for management. Vishnu N. Prahalad. 272
  Public attitude towards conservation in New Zealand and awareness of threatened species. Mark N. H. Seabrook-Davison and Dianne H. Brunton. 286
  Vertebrate fauna in termite mounds compared to surrounding vegetation on Barrow Island. Dorian Moro, Pat Cullen and Jonathan Fletcher. 296
  Do Koalas Phascolarctos cinereus use trees planted on farms? A case study from north-west New South Wales, Australia. Susan G. Rhind, Murray V. Ellis, Martin Smith and Daniel Lunney. 302
  Risks to soil biodiversity on the islands of the South Pacific. Fiame Leo, Ken K. Y. Wong and Seuseu J. Tauati. 313
  Evidence is required to address potential albatross mortality in the New South Wales Ocean Trawl fishery. Eduardo Gallo-Cajiao. 328
  Temperate Woodland Conservation and Management. Bernie Masters. 336
  Culture, Ecology and Economy of Fire Management in Northern Australian Savanas - Rekindling the Wurrk Tradition. Adam Leavesley. 337
  Desert Channels - The Impulse to Conserve. Adam Leavesley and Jennie Mallela. 339

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