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A journal dedicated to conservation and wildlife management in the Pacific region.

Table of Contents of Volume 6
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  Volume 6 Number 1

  A zoological revolution. H. F. Recher. 1
  Why publication matters in conservation biology. M. C. Calver and D. R. King. 2
Artificially enhanced tolerance to fluoroacetate and its implications for wildlife conservation. L. E. Twigg and D. R. King 9
  Application of a PCR-based approach to identify sex in Hawaiian honeycreepers (Drepanidae). S. I. Jarvi and P. C. Banko. 14
  Effects of variable-intensity logging and the influence of habitat variables on the distribution of the Greater Glider Petauroides volans in montane forest, southeastern New South Wales. R. P. Kavanagh. 18
  In defence of small habitat islands: Termites (Isoptera) in the Western Australian central wheatbelt, and the importance of dispersal power in species occurrence. M. Abensperg-Traun. 31
  Inadvertent translocation of amphibians in the shipment of agricultural produce into New South Wales: its extent and conservation implications. T. W. O'Dwyer, W. A. Buttemer and D. M. Priddel. 40
  The avifauna of severely fragmented, Buloke Allocasuarina luehmanni woodland in western Victoria, Australia. D. M. Watson, R. Mac Nally and A. F. Bennett. 46
  Thinking honeyeater: nectar maps for the Northern Territory, Australia. J. C. Z. Woinarski, G. Connors and D. C. Franklin. 61
  Effects of the coastal brown ant Pheidole megacephala (Fabricius), on the ant fauna of the Perth metropolitan region, Western Australia. J. E. May and B. E. Heterick. 81
  Volume 6 Number 2

  Ornithology in the Pacific. H. E Recher. 87
  Ecotourism and biodiversity conservation - two way track. P Van Oosterzee. 89
  Testing methods for mitigation of tree dieback in Tasmanian dry eucalypt forests and woodlands. J. B. Kirkpatrick A. Zacharek and K. Chappell. 94
  Terrestrial arthropods in a fragmented landscape: a review of ecological research in the Western Australian central wheatbelt. M. Abensperg-Traun, G. T Smith and B. York Main. 102
  Classifying endangered vegetation communities: a case study of Cumberland Plain Woodlands. K. French, B. Callaghan and S. Hill. 120
  The use by wildlife of paddock trees in farmland. B. Law, M. Chidel and G. Turner. 130
  The ant (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) fauna of coastal heath in south-west Victoria: effects of dominance by Acacia sophorae and management actions to control it. R. E. Clay and K. E. Schneider. 144
  Using biological survey data when selecting Marine Protected Areas: an operational framework and associated risks. M. A. Vanderklift and T J. Ward. 152
  Hector's Dolphin Cephalorhynchus hectori calf mortalities may indicate new risks from boat traffic and habituation. G. S. Stone and A. Yoshinaga. 162
  Arthropods on street trees: a food resource for wildlife. S. Bhullar and J. Majer. 171
  Graeme Talbot Smith. D. Saunders. 174
  Tasmania's Threatened Fauna Handbook: What, Where and How to Protect Tasmania's Threatened Animals. R. Loonies. 175
  Parks for Biodiversity: Policy Guidance based on Experience in ACP Countries. H. Valentine. 176
  Report of the Eleventh Global Biodiversity Fortim: Exploring Synergy between the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change and the Convention on Biological Diversity. H. Valentine. 177
  The Other 99%. The Conservation and Biodiversity of Invertebrates. T Reid. 178
  Seagrass in Australia. A Strategic Review and Development of a Research and Development Plan. T Reid. 178
  One Earth: Social and Environmental Justice. K. O'Neill. 179
  Volume 6 Number 3

  Education Quality and Conservation Biology. M. C. Calver. 181
  The effects of non-consumptive wildlife tourism on free-ranging wildlife: a review. R. J. Green and K. Higginbottom. 183
  Ground vertebrate fauna of Perth's vegetation remnants: impact of 170 years of urbanization. R. A. How and J. Dell. 198
  Hollow formation in eucalypts from temperate forests in southeastern Australia. P. Gibbons, D. B. Lindenmayer, S. C. Barry and M. T. Tanton. 218
  Home range and diet of feral cats in Hawaii forests. Ty D. Smucker, G. D. Lindsey and S. M. Mosher. 229
  The effective management of threatened flora: lessons from the case of Zieria 'prostrata' ms. P. M. Hogbin and R. Peakall. 238
  Is the removal of domestic stock sufficient to restore semi-arid conservation areas? M. J. Page and R. J. S. Beeton. 245
  Clearing and grazing impacts on vegetation patch structures and fauna counts in eucalypt woodland, Central Queensland. J. A. Ludwig, R. W Eager, A. C. Liedloff; J. C. McCosker D. Hannah, N. Y. Thurgate, J. C. Z. Woinarski and C. P. Catterall. 254
  Forest Fragmentation: Wildlife and Management Implications. J. Cousin. 273
  Nature's Services: Societal Dependence on Natural Ecosystems. R. Loomes and K. O'Neill. 274
  Nature's Place: Human Population and the Future of Biological Diversity. A. Gartner. 275
  Landscope: Fire The Force Of Life. K. O'Neill. 275
  Betrayal of Science and Reason. How Anti-environmental Rhetoric Threatens our Future. T. Reid 276
  Fish for Thought: Fisheries, International Trade and Sustainable Development. L. Rawlinson. 276
  Volume 6 Number 4

From Planning to Action: Forest Conservation and Management in Papua New Guinea. Dr Kathy MacKinnon 277
Introductory paper - The BioRap Biodiversity Assessment and Planning Study for Papua New Guinea. D. P. Faith, H. A. Nix, C. R. Margules, M. F. Hutchinson, P. A. Walker J. West, J. L. Stein, J L. Kesteven, A. Allison and G. Natera. 279
Practical application of biodiversity surrogates and percentage targets for conservation in Papua New Guinea. D. P. Faith, C. R. Margules, P. A. Walker, J Stein and G. Natera. 289
A biodiversity conservation plan for Papua New Guinea based on biodiversity trade-offs analysis. D. P. Faith, C. R. Margules and P. A. Walker. 304
Some future prospects for systematic biodiversity planning in Papua New Guinea - and for biodiversity planning in general. D. P. Faith, P. A. Walker and C. R. Margules. 325
Pollination and breeding system of a population of Tall Coconut Palm Cocos nucifera L. (Arecaceae) on the Gazelle Peninsula of Papua New Guinea. G. R. Ashburner M. G. Faure, E. A. James, W. K. Thompson and G. M. Halloran. 344
  Guidelines for Marine Protected Areas. M. Westera. 352
  A comparative review of Australian Conservation Biology texts. R. Loomes, S. Hawkins, M. Bertuch, J. Cousin, A. Gartner, K. Jackson, A. Lipnicka, K. Moulton, K. O'Neill, L. Rawlinson, T. Reid and H. Valentine. 353

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